In an emergency, seconds count. GeoSafe Mobile provides easy-to-use GPS tracking and CAD integration for police, fire, and EMS. Quickly access and communicate critical data to units out in the field.
GPS tracking
Locate all units with live GPS tracking. Color-coded units show who is busy, en route, or available.
CAD integration
View live updating 911-call information direct from your CAD system.
Seamlessly share data between multiple agencies.
We encrypt all data and meet all federal security policy requirements


Calls & Units
Increase your fleet's effectiveness with access to GPS (AVL) and live updating 911-call information from the field. From patrol to command centers, simplify your daily activities, large scale events, and incident management.
Reduce response times and improve officer safety by sharing data between different CAD systems. Heighten your situational awareness by seamlessly coordinating multi-agency responses for mutual aid.
Empower first-responders with integrated mapping layers including: hydrants, storm shelters, cameras, and pre-incident plans.
Call timestamping
Mark yourself enroute or on scene to a call with a single tap. Your status is automatically updated in CAD.
Traffic stops
Create new traffic stops based on your current location without ever using the radio..
Export GPS activity per user or by region.
SMS notifications
Receive a text message when your unit gets assigned to a call.

How it works

  1. Dispatch
Dispatcher enters calls into your CAD as usual
  1. CAD
GeoSafe connects to your agency’s CAD system
  1. Processing
Call data is securely uploaded to the GeoSafe data center
  1. Distribution
Units sign in to Mobile to view CAD data on authorized devices


What platforms does GeoSafe support?
All GeoSafe products work on iPhone, iPad, and Windows PCs.
How many users can use Mobile?
We charge a flat-rate price to use Mobile. There are no limits to the number of users per subscription.
What kind of mapping system does Mobile use?
The base street map is Apple Maps (for iOS) and Bing Maps (for Windows)
Can I add my own map layers?
You can overlay fire hydrants, storm shelters, and street camera positions on top of the base street map

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